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A Change is Coming to the Court

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

While it is indeed too early to tell what type of legacy President Obama will leave, one thing is for sure. He will leave an indelible stamp on the laws of the country.  With the announced retirement of Supreme Court Justice Souter and perhaps others yet to follow, President Obama will have the opportunity to bring the Supreme Court to neither the left nor  to the right. As diverse as his cabinet is, he will have the  opportunity to bring the same diversity to the highest court of the country.  He will have an opportunity to bring the court back to what it should be. A court of justice for all. A court of neither for the Republicans nor for the Democrats.  A court dispensing justice fairly for all people.

We’ve come a long way from the days of Gore v. Bush,when the Supreme Court decided the presidential election of 2000 instead of the people.  We may not know what the outcome will be regrding the choice of the new Justice. But we know a change is coming. And that’s good news.

I await  with anticipation to see Obama’s first choice.  I look forward to seeing how the Supreme Court will change during the Obama era.  And I know for sure.  A Change Is Coming!