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  1.    Mass Incarceration is not the Answer, it’s the Problem
  2. Why Voter ID Laws Will Disenfranchise Women
  3.  A  Woman Leads the Fight for Marriage Equality
  4. Republicans Cut Contraceptives for Women but Allow for Horses
  5.  Pres. Obama Delivers the Right Touch on Trayvon Martin
  6. Is Stand Your Ground Self Defense or a Recipe to Justify Murder?
  7. If Martin Luther King Were Alive Today
  8.  Gender Pay Gap and Women Lawyers
  9. Racial Profiling and Targeting Blacks from Slavery to Trayvon  Martin
  10.  Renisha McBride’s Killing Cries for Justice and Answers
  11. A Glance Back at Women’s History Month
  12.  Trayvon Martin: A Case of What Ifs


Debbie’s commentaries and letters to the editor are published in national newspapers on issues related to criminal matters, legal-political issues and women’s issues.   She is also frequently used  as a source in print and online publications. A select few  print opinion  publications are:

  1. Women’s Voices, Women’s Votes-  The Baltimore Sun  Op ed- 10/2012
  2. DC’s Attorney General Should Be Elected 1/21/2010 ( Washington Post)
  3. Mayor Sheila Dixon Trial-Where’s The Beef? 11/2009 (Baltimore Afro American)
  4. Joe Biden- No Catalyst for Change 8/2008  (Washington Post and on CNN)