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WUSA 9 Interviews Debbie Hines on Mueller Report

Thursday, March 28th, 2019

Alas, the long awaited Special Counsel Robert Mueller report was released to Attorney General William Barr.  Although the report reportedly contained over 700 pages, Attorney General Barr wrote a 4 page summary of its contents. To say that wasn’t scratching the surface would be a severe understatement.

The American people deserve to see its full contents.  The report looked into two questions–whether there was a conspiracy or coordination between Trump, the Trump campaign and the Russian government during our 2016 presidential election;  And whether there was an obstruction of justice by Donald Trump into the Russian investigation.

Until the report is released, we cannot speculate about its contents. We are just as in the dark as before the report was released.   WUSA 9 anchor Bruce Johnson interviewed me on my take on the Mueller report.